Wetland Mitigation Assessment

Land development projects that will directly result in wetland impacts, A wetland functional assessment will required by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and individual state agencies to determine the operative loss of the wetlands impacted and the compensatory mitigation that will be required to offset the net loss. Our ecologist stays current on existing and developing wetland assessments including the Hydrogeomorphic Approach (HGM), Florida’s Uniform Mitigation Assessment Methodology (UMAM), the Wetland Rapid Assessment Method (WRAM).
Each individual methodology evaluates wetlands based on criteria which include geographic location, landscape support, upland buffers, vegetation, hydrology and wildlife utilization.

Wetland Mitigation and Monitoring

Solutech Environmental Consultants Wetland Monitoring services measure the ecological success of wetland mitigation areas. Monitoring is tied with performance standards established in the regulatory permits for the overall project; therefore, monitoring results can be used to determine if a mitigation area is achieving permit success. Aspects of our wetland mitigation monitoring efforts include vegetative community composition and coverage with particular attention to exotic and nuisance species, water level and rainfall analysis and wildlife monitoring, including fish and macroinvertebrate sampling.

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