Solutech Environmental Consultants are indoor air quality (IAQ) professionals with the expertise to investigate, test and remedy IAQ problems in a variety of settings which include retail buildings, factories, warehouses, hospitals, pharmaceutical complexes, multiple family housing, and apartment complexes.

If building occupants are complaining of poor air quality or increased illnesses like colds, flu, asthma, weakness, burning eyes, itching skin, rashes, sore throats, allergies, respiratory problems, lethargy or headaches, there is a possibility this could be related to the building. An indoor air quality survey is the appropriate first step.

Solutech Environmental Consultants services include indoor air quality (IAQ) testing/sampling mold and bacteria, including mycotoxins and endotoxins, that may be adversely affecting building occupants. We provide comprehensive inspections of buildings and HVAC systems including air handlers, filters, ductwork, crawl spaces, attics, rooftops, air intakes, and exhausts. It is critical to remember that the HVAC system is part of the air in the occupied space and can be a source alone of air contaminant that affects the building occupants.
We will identify fungal and bacterial quantities and provide a clear interpretation of how the results may impact human health. Our objective is to identify the root of the problem and offer the specific actions needed to correct the situation.

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